Heather Stoll
Current Classes

Professor Stoll is not teaching in Fall 2020.

Past Classes


Introduction to Research Methods, POLS 15 [SYLLABUS]

Israeli Politics, POLS 149 [SYLLABUS]

Senior Seminar: Designing Democratic Governments, POLS 196 [SYLLABUS]

I have also served as the director of the departmental honors program, teaching the year-long, 3-course sequence (POLS 197A-C). In the past, I have additionally taught other senior seminars, such as on comparative party politics.


Political Research Methods I, POLS 205 [SYLLABUS]

Political Research Methods II, POLS 206 [SYLLABUS]

Comparative Political Institutions, POLS 235 [SYLLABUS]

Political Representation, POLS 251 [SYLLABUS]

Dissertation Prospectus Workshop, POLS 503

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